Bulma Cosplay Costume (Pink)

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Bulma Cosplay Costume (Pink)

  • The whole costume is a pink dress with accessories including a belt with a waist bag and a holster at the waist part.
  • Plus Size: 1X/2X ( Height 5'4"-5'8", Bust 42-46'', Waist 33-37'', Hips 43-47'', Cup D-DD, US Size 16-20)
  • A glove for right hand, a red wristband for left hand,a neckerchief,a hair bow and a pair of leg warmers are also included.


About Bulma

The daughter of Capsule Corporation founder, Dr. Briefs and wife Panchy, Bulma is a talented scientist. She is an engineer in addition to being an inventor. Though not physically imposing, her inventions play a key role in combat, and several battles have been won due to her superior genius. However, being smart doesn’t make you a nice person. Bulma is vain and spoiled, and her beauty gives her a selfish sense of entitlement.

Bulma is married to Vegeta and is the temperamental mother of Bulla and Trunks. Very much like a child, she often lashes out at those around her when things don’t go her way. She is obsessive about her hygiene and bitterly complains when prevented from soaking in a bath or replenishing her beauty accouterments. Her persistence is a blessing and a curse, and on a good day, she will use it to achieve her goals. Despite her selfishness, she can be kind and helpful to others and with her family, she is outgoing and funny.