The only custom art shop that will refund 100% if you don't love it.

Refund Policy


Love it in 2 revisions or 100% refund:

  1. Place your order and receive the first draft watermarked preview within 5 business days
  2. If it's way off, let us know and we'll try again. You MUST tell us what you don't like about it.*
  3. If it's still way off, let us know and we'll try one last time.
  4. If it's still way off then we'll refund you 100%.
  5. If it's close but just needs minor tweaks then we'll do unlimited revisions until you're 100% happy with it.

Once you purchase, you get unlimited revisions to make it just how you want. Typically it takes a couple rounds of revision to arrive at a final design. This is usually within 4 days of purchase.

If you decide to order a canvas, there's 3 days production once you approve the final design and then we send it FedEx ground to your address from Los Angeles, CA.

*Also, you MUST want it in our style (we don't do different styles from what you see on our site). If you don't like the examples on our site, don't order from us. We will not refund if you're expecting something different than what we advertise.

How many revisions can I make?

You have unlimited revisions.  However, you must tell us within 30 days of the first draft or latest revision if you'd like to make any adjustments. After that, there is a $10 fee to reopen your file with our designer.

What constitutes a revision? Can I add things to the design after I see the first draft?

A revision is an adjustment to the people/pets from your original order. If you selected a custom background, a revision is adjustments to your original custom background description.  Adding new objects that our designer will have to draw may result in additional charges. We take this on a case-by-case basis, so just ask us when you're giving us first draft feedback. Overall, we just want you to be happy! (But we also want our designers to be compensated for their talent.)

How do refunds work?

As long as you've only received a watermarked design, you can get a refund. As soon as you say it only needs minor tweaks or it's perfect, then we send you a high res file without a watermark. We can do unlimited revisions at that point but not refunds.

Canvases and other prints

If you order a canvas print and are unhappy with the result, please send us a high quality, well-lit photo of the issue you have with the canvas (blurry, misaligned, cropped improperly, etc.).

We will correct quality issues but cannot send a new canvas if you decide to change your design after we ship the canvas. With canvases, it's even more important to make sure you're happy when you approve the design.


If you purchase this as a surprise for someone and they have revisions, you must submit revisions within 30 days of the last revision to ensure we still have your artwork on file. After 30 days, there is a $10 revision fee.

Because of this, we highly recommend asking multiple people who know the gift receiver if they think they will like the design.

Holiday Season Exception

Any purchase from November to December 15th has an extended revise period until 1/15, to ensure your gift is 100% perfect for your loved ones. Orders after December 15th have their usual 30 day revision period as stated above.